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Top 10 Cheap Web Design Services With Hosting

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As the internet is becoming extremely popular, creating a website has become essential to reaching a large audience and catching bigger opportunities. To start a website, one needs to either learn programming skills or hire a developer to build a website. This can be very costly and time-consuming for many people that just want to start an online presence with no knowledge of computers with a busy schedule.  Not only is designing a new website a big hassle, but you also need to find a reliable host to serve your website on the internet. With that said, here are the top 10 cheap web design services:


Premium Website Builder, starting at $11/month with no ads

Wix is a great solution if you're looking to build your website on your own. They have website builders that have a focus on design freedom. You can use their user-friendly drag and drop builder to build blogs, media galleries, online stores and many more. You are capable of creating video backgrounds, parallax, and animations. One of the great things about Wix is that their website builder enables you to create very custom websites where you are not limited to certain parameters or rules. If you don't have the time to design the website, Wix has an Artificial Design Intelligence that will generate a website for you. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about who you are and what you do then click to go live. Wix also provides hosting, security and ssl certificates with their monthly packages.

Website Coffee

We Build Your Website and Maintain It For You, starting at $85/month

Website Coffee is a cheap web design service we provide here on the website you are visiting. Instead of offering you a website builder, we do the work for you instead. We build custom websites for you whether you are opening an online eCommerce store, membership website, Corporate/informational website, creative/portfolio website, blogs, etc. If you need to accept credit cards or ship customer purchases, we integrate payment processing and shipping software for you. We provide technical support along with security and software updates all on blazing fast Pure-SSD servers. Your monthly package comes with free ssl certificates as well as free backups and site migrations. If you don't have the time or desire to figure out how to work a website builder, Website Coffee may be a better choice for you.


eCommerce Platform, starting at $29/month

Shopify is a great platform for those needing a platform specifically for eCommerce. Store owners with lots of different products and high inventory may benefit a lot from the Shopify platform. Shopify comes with a content management system to build your website, but may not be as flexible and intuitive as the Wix website builder. They offer themes free and paid that you may install. Shopify also comes with a full blogging platform that you can run with your eCommerce store. One of the advantages that Shopify may have is that it has many modules for organizing shipping, taxes, payment (Shopify payments), customer accounts, inventory, gift cards, discounts, product reviews and a dashboard for tracking sales and orders.  Shopify also allows you to sell digital products where customers can order and download your product directly from your store. Shopify provides ssl certificates, hosting, and maintenance with their monthly packages.


Look like an expert from the start, starting at $12/month

Squarespace is a cheap web design service great for achieving a professional design for your website. Squarespace is particularly great for creative agencies that want to display high-quality images with attractive templates. They also provide blogging and online store capabilities on different monthly packages. Although Squarespace may provide attractive designs, the website builder is not very flexible and intuitive as the Wix website builder. Squarespace may be best for users that just want a simple website with a professional look particularly creative/portfolio websites. Squarespace provides ssl certificates, hosting and maintenance with their monthly packages.


Simple Website Builder, starting at $8/month

Weebly is a great solution for non-tech savvy users that favor simplicity over functionality. Weebly provides a very intuitive and cheap web design service that most users can catch on quickly to start building their websites. They also offer blog and online store capabilities like Squarespace on different monthly packages. Weebly is most likely fit for users that don't want to invest too much time learning how to use a website builder but rather get started building a website in minutes. If you were looking for more complex web designs, Weebly would be a bit more difficult to produce with. Wix would be the preferred website builder that has no limitations on the placement of objects if you were looking for a more complex design.  Weebly provides ssl certificates, hosting and maintenance with their monthly packages.


Create a website or blog, starting at $48/year

WordPress is one of the most popular cheap web design service on the web today. This can be hosted directly with wordpress.com or self-hosted at any host of your choice since it is an open source software (free software). WordPress began as a blog solution but soon became an all-in-one solution for any kind of website due to the number of themes and plugins available. WordPress is not as intuitive as website builders like Wix and may take some time to learn how to use, but the amount of flexibility it has is tremendous due to custom functionalities. WordPress is one of the main solutions for our customers on Website Coffee due to its wide range of custom functionalities enabling it to produce almost any kind of website you'd like. However, wordpress.com does not provide ssl certificates with their hosting packages or assistance with website building. WordPress.com hosting is great for users that are planning to run a low-traffic blog.


eCommerce platform, starting at $29.95/month

BigCommerce is an alternative to the Shopify eCommerce platform with similar features. Bigcommerce offers modules for organizing shipping, taxes, payment, customer accounts, inventory, gift cards, discounts, product reviews and a dashboard for tracking sales and orders. One advantage that BigCommerce has is that they do not charge additional transactions fees for using an alternative payment gateway. As for Shopify, if you do not use Shopify Payments, you will be paying additional transaction fees. Shopify may have a slight edge in terms of choices of themes, apps, and experts for your website. BigCommerce also requires you to change plans based on your sales while Shopify doesn't require a change of pricing plans unless you need lower transaction fees which you can totally avoid if using Shopify Payments. BigCommerce provides ssl certificates, hosting, and maintenance with their monthly packages.

Godaddy GoCentral

Website Builder, starting at $5.99/month

Godaddy's Website Builder is great if you'd like to try out a cheap web design service to see how it's like. Godaddy offers a free 1 month trial on their website builder without giving any credit card details upfront. If you like their website builder, they charge you annually for their hosting packages for up to $19.99 per month ($240/yr)  to open an online store. One thing that stands out with their Business Plus plan is that they offer a built-in online appointments system allowing customers to make appointments directly with you on your website. This can be very useful for users that need to book appointments to provide services without talking directly to the customer to arrange an appointment.


Easy Website Builder, starting at $9.80/month

Site123 is a very simple and user-friendly cheap web design service. Many users that like Weebly might find common grounds with Site123. Both offer simple website builders that non-tech savvy users can easily learn and get accustomed to. Site123 offers eCommerce and many tools such as multilingual, musician tools, restaurant menus, and many more. The only downside to Site123 is that they have a limited amount of templates, blog and store features, and one-page only websites. Site123 is great for very simple websites that do straightforward tasks rather than complicated design and functions. Site123 offers ssl, hosting and maintenance with their monthly packages.


Another easy website builder, starting at $7.68/month

Sitebuilder is also a very simple and user-friendly cheap web design service mainly for simple websites. They offer eCommerce and blog capabilities with limited functionalities. Depending on which platform you prefer between Site123 and Sitebuilder, both are going to offer similar features at similar prices.


There is no absolute best web design service among these. Depending on your requirements or preferences, one cheap web design service may be better than the other. Each service has their pros and cons such as flexibility vs usability and value vs price. Weebly, Site123, and Sitebuilder are wonderful for the users looking for easy navigation and usability for building a simple website. Shopify and BigCommerce are great for stores with many different products and high inventory. Online stores would greatly benefit from the modules that enable inventory management and shipping integrations. For a complete comparison, I suggest you read Shopify vs BigCommerce.

For website designing freedom, Wix website builder is very customizable with much fewer limitations than the simple website builders I have mentioned. Squarespace would be great for creative or portfolio websites requiring professional designs with high-quality images. Lastly, If you'd like something custom and would like to take your hands off building the website, here at Website Coffee we offer hassle-free custom website building and maintenance. Come check us out!

Please share with us in the comments which cheap web design service fit your particular website

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